Besides Jews on hogs, politicians were at yesterday's Israel Day Parade. And the 2013 mayoral race's only Jewish candidate appeared—to a very mixed reception.

Idiot social media addict Anthony Weiner marched along Fifth Avenue to some cheers and a bunch of boos and heckling. The NY Times reports that one man repeatedly yelled, "Tweet me a picture, Weiner!" which Weiner ignored. The Daily News and Post had more outraged comments:

  • Many spectators cheered Weiner and wished him luck, but others yelled, “Go home, Anthony!” “Where do you get the nerve?” and “You don’t represent us!”—Daily News

  • The thing you most need in a mayor ... is moral integrity, and this man has trampled on integrity,” said Sandy Lebowitz of Midwood, Brooklyn, once Weiner’s political base. “How dare he come here because it’s [politically] convenient."—Daily News

  • He abused the rights of women!” jeered Staten Islander Paul Lebowitz, referring to sexually explicit pictures Weiner tweeted of himself, forcing his resignation from Congress in 2011. "He abused women all over New York City and all over the world by doing what he did. He has no right to be here. He doesn’t represent New York."—Post
  • “In some ways, your community is the one that’s going to judge you the harshest,” said one prominent Jewish leader, who said Weiner’s tweeted crotch picture and other social media faux pas were “embarrassing” to many Jews. “There’s a Yiddish word for it: shonda. It’s like a shame to the community.”—Daily News
  • He doesn’t have a tremendous amount of common sense based upon what he did over the Internet,” Mr. Gerber said when asked his thoughts on Mr. Weiner. “And if he doesn’t have enough common sense to control his own personal affairs, what is he going to do as an elected leader of the City of New York?”—NY Times
  • “We elect people for their morals. When you’re immoral, you don’t belong in a position of power or to be elected by the people,” added Phil Rosenblatt. “Do I send naked pictures of myself to other people? I don’t think so.”—Post

At any rate, Weiner trumpeted his stance on Israel, "When people describe me as being hawkish on Israel, I don’t disagree. I mean, I think there should be zero space between the Israeli imperatives in that part of the world and what US policy should be. Frankly, they are an island of democracy in a sea of tyrannical regimes."