It's drip drip drip in the city these days, and the mountains of snow are melting, thanks to Mother Nature's sunny disposition - and the Department of Sanitation's cool snow melters. These orange monsters melt up snow and then inject a more liquidy mixture directly into the sewers - we know this from yesterday's NY Times article. Next up: The DoS figures out how to suck all the slush from street corners! Weather-related ails other than walking in slush: Home and business owners who didn't shovel the snow off sidewalks were ticketed yesterday and car owners keep getting plowed in. And be careful of falling ice or workers pushing snow off awnings - we've gotten nailed by that a couple times by now. Better that than pigeon poop, though.

Check out Tien Mao's series of photographs of snow melters, front ender loaders, and DoS employees working together. And while Uggs, or, in our case, faux Uggs (fUggs), are an affront to society, they do a damned good job of keeping the feet warm and dry.

Photographs by Tien Mao