City Councilman John Liu, who heads the the Council's Transportation Committee, thinks the city should install the countdown signs at traffic lights - you know, the ones that tell you how much time there is until the light changes to red. But the counterargument would be that people underestimate the time it takes to walk across the street. Is that because people think their strides are longer than they really are?

It'd be funny to see which intersections have the longest and shortest lights - we've mastered our neighborhood's traffic lights to know which streets to cross and which to avoid. And we don't want to encourage people to test their bodies against oncoming traffic, but it seems that if the light has just turned yellow, you'll probably be okay to across a regular (not, say, Houston or Park) street, whereas if it's a blinking yellow, just wait for the next light. Or are we wrong?

The Post says the city will be testing countdown timers at some intersections. And early this year, Transporation Alternatives had suggestions for the Department of Transportation to reduce pedestrian fatalities.