State Senator Carl Kruger of Brooklyn may become Enemy 1 for the gadget generation. Kruger is proposing a ban on talking on your cellphone, using your Blackberry, or listening to your iPod while crossing the street. Oh, yes. There have been two pedestrians deaths in his district (a 23 year old was killed by a car while listening to his iPod at Avenue T and East 71st Street in Bergen Beach), so banning devices that seemingly distract pedestrians in NYC - and Buffalo (!) - seems to be the answer. Kruger said:

"While people are tuning into their iPods and cell phones, they're tuning out the world around them... If you want to listen to your iPod, sit down and listen to it. You want to walk in the park, enjoy it. You want to jog around a jogging path, all the more power to you, but you should not be crossing streets and endangering yourself and the lives of others."

People are definitely distracted when they are plugged into their iPods or messaging on their cells, but what about the drivers who are just as distracted? Maybe they shouldn't be listening to the radio or music. How about we ban parents from pushing their kids in strollers? Couples walking together (they might get into fights)? Tourists who take pictures as they walk? Dog walkers? The law has infinite possibilities!

Kruger proposes a $100 fine, similar to jaywalking - and we know how much police focus on jaywalking! That said, we hope that people who use their pieces of electronica while walking also remain aware of their environment.

Photograph of pedestrians by S.D. on Flickr