A Michigan family is suing the Waldorf-Astoria because they say the posh hotel gave them bedbugs. This makes the second lawsuit against the Waldorf in a month; two weeks ago a Long Island woman sued the hotel, alleging that she brought bedbugs home from her stay at the Waldorf, and her six-year-old daughter suffered "permanent scarring to her face, legs, stomach, groin and body" from bug bites, plus "psychological and emotional injuries, anxiety and disordered sleep." And a Florida woman who stayed at the Waldorf claimed in October that she was bitten by bedbugs, too—though she didn't file a lawsuit (yet).

David and Christine Drabicki of Plymouth, Michigan say they brought bedbugs home with them after their trip to NYC, and were forced to evacuate their home for six weeks while it was treated for an infestation. Their lawyer tells Crain's that the couple "woke up in their hotel room to find bedbug bites all over them." To make up for the blood-sucking parasites, the hotel changed their room and gave them complimentary spa treatments.

A spokesperson for the Waldorf says they had the Drabicki's room inspected by an outside specialist who found "no evidence or indication of bed bugs." But Ms. Drabicki says she "had an allergic reaction to the bites" and Crain's reports that the family has "graphic photos of her red, bitten torso." We have not been able to obtain those photos yet, so in the meantime tide yourself over with this vivid NY1 video showing hundreds of swarming bedbugs (the 9 second mark).