2005_08_walmartad.jpgWal-Mart, the retail boogeyman for "good" lefties everywhere, has been trying oh so very hard over the past few years to open up a store within the five boroughs. Recently that has meant aiming its sights on the Republican-friendly borough of Staten Island.

And for a few minutes there, it actually looked like Wal-Mart might finally get its way, building one of its giant boxes in a district on the un-subwayed borough. Of course that was way back when it had the support of GOP Councilman Andrew Lanza, local opposition didn't seem too harsh (you'll always have a few NIMBY-ers) and that anti-Mart movie hadn't come out yet. That was then, this is now. Our $.02? Wal-Mart's customers in the City will continue to seek it out and drive to Jersey. Meanwhile the rest of us will just have to make do without "everyday low prices" as we seriously doubt that the Mart is coming to Gotham anytime soon.