In the grand tradition of corporate chivalry, Wal-Mart is buying a meal for a local community before it takes it back to its crib, dims the lights, and shows it the real meaning of the phrase "Rollback." The big-box chain that specializes in everything from fine cuisine to terrific labor practices, is taking out a few dozen members of the community surrounding the Gateway II shopping center in East Brooklyn for breakfast at the Lindenwood Diner. "We wanted to talk to the community and share information," a company spokesman told the Daily News, presumably before telling the community that Wal-Mart really just wants to settle down, and how much it loves their eyes when they laugh.

The breakfast is part of Wal-Mart's recent PR offensive that saw the company donate $4 million to the city's Youth Employment Program and a quarter-million to Summer Meals for children. Sitting at the breakfast table will be supporters or those who are undecided about the store's bid for a location at Gateway II, while the opponents have been spurned altogether. Councilman Charles Barron smells a rat, and plans to show up anyway: "We invited them openly to come to the City Council and explain themselves. They are not going to sneak into East New York to bring in that roving plantation."

While CB 5 member Dennis Taylor believes that Wal-Mart's arrival isn't if, it's "when," the director of East New York United Concerned Citizens, who was invited to the breakfast, is more circumspect: "We shouldn't let outside organizations and unions try to frame the debate and make it seems as though they have the pule of East New York." Exactly. Just sit back, relax, let Wal-Mart pick up the tab for the omelette, and feel your pulse quicken.