Wal-Mart, everyone's favorite love-to-hate and love-to-love for its cheap prices retailer, is starting a huge local advertising push in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. The Post says that nine community papers will be getting ads that show Wal-Mart is still interested in being a part of NYC; the Bronx ad, for instance, has a picture of Yankee Stadium with this copy:

"In The Bronx, you can watch the Yankees beat Boston, spend the day at the Botanical Garden, visit the Bronx Zoo, and do just about anything. The only thing missing is everyday low prices."

Brooklyn gets props for cheesecake and Coney Island, Queens has Flushing Meadows and lemon ice, and Staten Island has Richmond Town and the ferry ride. Oh, Wal-Mart, you think you can work your way into our hearts with your insights about the city...but no one is going to go when they can't get the explicit versions of their favorite music and movies!

The president of Brooklyn Papers tells the Post, "It's constructive that Wal-Mart is doing the kind of community outreach that they've undertaken. They've met with people and the press. Not every developer has done that." Um, yeah, and they seem to have purchased a lot of ad space in your papers. Wal-Mart abandoned its plans to build here in February, but we're sure they are scoping out sites (such as Coney Island) and working with local politicians to make it work.