While Wal-Mart decided not to build a store in Rego Park last year, the NY Sun says the behemoth retailer working on surround then attack approach by opening up stores in just outside the city limits Last month a store in Kearny, NJ opened, and next up is one in White Plains that will be an "urban model." As in an urban model with "design elements that could be incorporated into a New York City store." Huh, does that include uncensored DVDs and controversial music or books? Here's what the store will be like:

The 179,731-square-foot Wal-Mart is split onto two levels, underneath a six-floor parking garage where customers can park for free if they spend more than $5. Special escalators will transport shopping carts between floors.

...[Director of Northeast corporate affairs Steven] Restivo said that the White Plains store's merchandise is also designed to accommodate an urban consumer. He said that would mean a smaller garden center, and smaller kitchen appliances. The Wal-Mart will offer groceries and contain a vision center, Dunkin Donuts restaurant, and a nail salon.

Oh, Wal-Mart has found the retail crack that New Yorkers covet: Munchkins, mani-pedis and those cool escalators for shopping carts that we know from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Wal-Mart can continue to build stores all around the city (next, Yonkers - or a floating barge off Staten Island) but as long as it's not actually in the city, we're safe.

Recently, Wal-Mart has been popping up in the consciousness: In February, a poll showed 51% of New Yorkers would support a store, pro-Wal-Mart "protest" occured in May and last week, someone wrote a pro-Wal-Mart editorial in Brooklyn. Last summer, Wal-Mart tried to stay in the city's good graces by marketing to boroughs.