Gothamist used to remember when we'd have a good idea of who would be president around dinner time. However, the very special episode of "America Picks A President" in 2000 had special guest appearances by "Hanging Chad," "James Baker," and "Overanxious Journalists Who Wanted To Call The Election." So this year, we must wait before we know who will be kicking his legs up in the White House come next January. Will it be a man who can choke on a pretzel or a man who looks a lot like Herman Munster? We'll be glued to all the news channels, desperately waiting some information.

Gothamist wants to know what you think of the election news coverage and what your reactions are to the results. Tell us! And if you happen to be liveblogging, like Tien is, trackback to us.

We got the graphic from CNN.com's election page. The NY Times has a pretty map, too, that is all grey (as of 7:06PM).

UPDATE 7:53pm: Lots of signs seem to be leaning towards Kerry- the Zogby poll, the collapse of Bush contracts on all the futures markets, all the exit polls getting leaked to the political bloggers, and the super high turnout numbers. Will Kerry be the next president?

8:24pm: Seen on Democracy Plaza: "My Grandma Hates Bush."

9:14pm: George Clooney's dad, Nick, is projected to lose his congressional race in Kentuky.

9:30pm: Tim Russert breaks out the whiteboard, but it's really a Tablet PC! Whoa, technology!

9:48pm: Who is the dude on Jenna Bush's right in the White House tape of the Bush family watching election results? Gothamist guesses it's a boyfriend, given the way she's draped on him.

9:56pm: As Tucker Carlson talks about how lawyers are on, we wonder why he can't cut his hair. Come on, man, you're a grown-up, not a little kid or rock star.

10:01pm: Yes! Daily Show's Prelude to a Recount is on! Jon sports a stripey tie and we love the Instapollcenter.

10:11pm: Yeah, it'll be a long night. Just learning that lots of U.S. states don't want no gay marriage.

10:25pm: Senator Schumer victory speech. Bizoring. Governor Pataki speaks at the concession speech of Schumer's opponent, Howard Mills. Pataki has no charisma. He's just tall. Gothamist can't really buy Pataki making his way to the White House, but we're super annoyed with his treatment of New York City.

10:37pm: Tom Brokaw is so funny. He comments to David Gregory that President Bush is usually in bed by now, but maybe tonight he's having a "warm glass of milk" and staying up.

11:01pm: Electoral count: Per MSNBC, Kerry, 199; Bush, 207.

12:55am: NBC calls Ohio for Bush. Bush has 266. Fox News shows Republicans partying.