Mayor Bloomberg has 52 points to Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer's 38 points in the latest Quinnipiac Poll. While it's a "likely lead," one political consultant told the NY Post, "If that's [Ferrer's] bounce — uh-oh." Ferrer himself doesn't think these numbers "reflect the new Democratic party unity," as the numbers were mainly from before the primary, as The Politicker noted. Then why release them? Just to show movement next week? Hmm.

And the Mayor gets a fairly positive approval for his handling of the schools (Schools Chancellor Joel Klein's approval is much lower), as the public school system is a top priority in this year's race. And in more political news, Ferrer released new TV ads and campaigned with Mark Green (talk about unity!) and the NY Times has a story about one of the Democrats for Bloomberg being a part of a bribery scandal.