The Brooklyn grand jury is still hearing evidence for the Imette St. Guillen murder, with prosecutors looking for an indictment against Darryl Littlejohn, a bouncer at the Falls, which is the last place St. Guillen was seen. The Post says that the DNA evidence that links Littlejohn to ties found around St. Guillen's hands will be presented today. Gothamist found it interesting that the Post described that evidence as cracking the case "wide open," since most of the other evidence is circumstantial. Littlejohn's lawyer, Kevin O'Donnell, has been very vocal about how he does not think his client will get a fair trial - as well as how the police evidence is not very strong.

The NY Times looks at past court and parole transcripts from Littlejohn's criminal history to get a sense of him. And the Daily News has a column by Richard Cohen which suggests, given the many recent deaths involving people who had been drinking (police officer Eric Hernandez, Natalee Holloway, St. Guillen), that the problem may be people think "getting drunk is, really, cool."