2006_05_lizchristygarden.jpgIn an article about finding the "great outdoors" in our cramped city, the Post has a nice feature on how much people love their community gardens. A couple moving to NYC from Pennsylvania were thrilled to have a community garden near The Octogan (pricelessly described as a "former insane asylum that's been converted into 500 rental units on Roosevelt Island") and are now number 11 on the waiting list. And a woman in Hell's Kitchen waited for four years to get a place at the Clinton Community Garden - another gardener had been slacking off, so the garden sublet his space to her! You can find out more about local community gardens by going to Oasis NYC and the Green Guerillas.

The article also mentions apartments and buildings with waterfront views and access, roof decks, and terraces. And for those of us without roof decks and terraces, maybe creating a windowsill garden is a way to bring the outdoors inside (many plants don't even need direct sunlight).

Photograph of the Liz Christy Garden with the new Avalon Bay condos in the backfrom from douglemoine on Flickr