[Update below] For the longest time we've been under the impression that, for environmental reasons, the city no longer dumps snow in our surrounding waters. And would you look here, a spokesman for the Department of Sanitation recently told the Times just that. In fact, if the city were to even want to do such dumping it would require an emergency permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. So you can imagine our double take when Tim Shreier contributed the above image to us.

We've reached out to both the DoS and the NYSDEC to try and find out if an emergency permit was issued, but have yet to hear anything back. Either way, we think anti-snow flamethrowers would be a much more fun way to deal with all the excess white stuff.

Update: A DoS spokesman assures us that this vehicle is not one of theirs and should not be dumping snow in the water. No permit to dump snow was given and if you see vehicles doing any dumping you should get their information and report them to the NYSDEC.