The snow has slammed the streets, but mass transit is the way to go, according to the Mayor. Unless, of course, you happen to take the LIRR to Penn Station - there's suspended service between Penn Station and Jamaica, Queens. Or had to wait an hour for a subway train to come. While we're glad we don't own a car and have to worry about that (we saw at least three cars that couldn't move in the snow - each with at least six helpful onlookers trying to give advice on how to get out), Gothamist is somewhat freaked out about the weather for the week, because it's supposed to be above freezing later on, and given the subway's experience with too much water, we hope the snow doesn't melt too fast - it was already a huge mess in some stations.


How was you commute? Did you have any problems other than dealing with people's huge coats? And one day, we know someone will faint from wearing their heavy coats as they stand on hot platforms and hot train cars.

Photograph of bus from rion.nu and photograph of Chambers Street subway station entrance from jenchung