2006_09_vac.JPGIt's Voter Awareness Month for this year, and the city is holding a number of voter workshops, voter registration drives, seminars and special events to get people interested in bringing out the vote. For instance, there was a seminar yesterday about running elections in the biggest city in the country (alas, we missed it) and next Thursday, there's a panel about leadership opportunities in politics at Barnard. You can see what events are coming up via the Voter Assistance Commission's Voter Awareness Month Calendar (PDF), but here are some key dates:

10/13 - Voter registration deadline for the general election
10/31 - Absenttee ballot application deadline for the general election
11/7 - General election

Here's a link for information on registering to vote and absentee ballots. And you can get the five-borough "Guide to Your Elected Officials" too - here's the PDF.