With a little more than five weeks until the Presidential Elections, Gothamist would like to remind you to register to vote. In New York, there are now two weeks left until the October 8th deadline to register for the general elections on November 2nd.

While New York is likely to go to John Kerry, there are many states that are still in the balance, including New Jersey. The Electoral Vote Predictor, which predicts the outcome of the election using published polling numbers, currently has George Bush winning 311-217.

Rock the Vote says that 32 states have deadlines for voter registration from October 2-8, with New Jersey's being the 2nd and New York on the 8th. Connecticut's deadline is October 19th. Find out when your deadline is here.

There are a lot of slogans out there, from P.Diddy's "Vote or Die", to MTV's "Choose or Lose", and the Board of Election's "Vote. Or Liberty is History." Clearly, they are trying to emphasize something here. To say this election is important is an understatement, since many are saying that this election is the most important election in history.

If you're in NYC, register with the Board of Elections, otherwise, check out Rock the Vote for information on your state. And if you have yet to make a decision on who to vote for, Larry David has a message for you.