A Harlem man was taken into custody after he allegedly beat his grandmother and a cop with a pipe, and injured 5 other cops as well. The incident happened just before 8:30 a.m. this morning on St. Nicholas Avenue and West 145th Street. Police say that 27-year-old Dominick Anderson beat his 62-year-old grandmother Beverly Holmes with a pipe, then attacked six cops who arrived soon after. "My son got psychiatric problems so, and what not, he thinks that my family doing voodoo on him. My mother, he think my mother was doing voodoo on him," Anderson's mother, Mary Anderson, explained to NY1.

According to the Post, the pipe was taken from a broken piece of statue shaped as an elephant trunk. Anderson's family told them that a bystander had flagged down officers in the street, and led them inside; Anderson hit one of the officer's in the head, and he was taken to the hospital along with Holmes. The other officers tried to subdue Anderson with pepper spray and a Taser, which he resisted for awhile.

Both victims were taken to St. Luke's Hospital; Holmes is in critical condition, while the as-yet unidentified police officer suffered head trauma, but has already been released. "He needs help,” the mother added. "It's a family tragedy...He's a good boy."