After an unfortunate "brown cloud" of diarrhea kept McCarren Park Pool closed for over 24 hours last weekend, unwanted effluvium erupted from a different orifice today, once again clearing the pool. It happened early this evening around 5 p.m. when, according to one swimmer, vomit was discovered in the pool.

A Parks Department officer told a man who was using the pool at the time that a swimmer had "puked" in the pool. (The individual, who was interviewed on his way out of the pool, declined to give his name.) After clearing the pool for approximately 40 minutes, the sanitation crew cleaned the water enough to reopen. Employees at the pool referred all press inquires to the Parks Department, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment. We're not holding our breath.

So, for those keeping count at home, so far we've had diarrhea, poop, and vomit. What bodily fluid is next? Anyone taking bets on ejaculate?

Reporting by Chris Robbins.