Three volunteer EMTs at a Queens volunteer ambulance group have been charged with grand larceny for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the non-profit—and then using it for their own personal use, like trips to Disney World. NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman slammed the men for using the funds as their "own personal piggy bank."

Daniel Dominguez, 37, was the board member and treasurer of the Corona Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and his position as treasurer gave him access to the bank accounts. Schneiderman's office claims that Dominguez transferred over $300,000 to his own account, and "then used that money for extravagant jaunts to Walt Disney World and Niagara Falls, as well as purchases of luxury car service trips and fancy meals."

Dominguez also allegedly helped another board member, Daryl Adeva, to transfer nearly $9,000 into Adeva's accounts. And then-board member and CCAC president David Moretti is also accused of taking more than $11,000, via "wire transfers, cash withdrawals and unauthorized credit card purchases."

Dominguez's lawyer said, "He’s not guilty of these charges and he’s going to challenge them. But Adeva's mother isn't helping his case, telling the News, "Dan [Dominguez], every time I see him, he has a nice car. My son has the car my grandma gave him as a gift. It’s in pieces, a 1999 Toyota Camry. Someone who stole money, I don’t think, would be driving that."