After the weekend arrest of the 15 year-old Sharell Butler (aka "Lady Red") in the brutal Bronx stabbing murder of John Hopkins Drago (as well a second murder), those who knew her naturally came to the girl's defense in the wake of the charges. But they sure didn't seem to have much to say. When asked if she was innocent, all her father is quoted as saying is, "Yes, I would believe so." And when the Times went to her neighborhood to inquire about Butler, the one neighbor who questioned her ability to commit the crime merely said, "I don't think she would have had the strength." The paper also said that those on her block didn't even "seem to know much about her," debating over if she was a recent transplant or had lived there for years. Butler will be charged as an adult in both murders and police are investigating whether the alleged Blood is involved in any other recent murders.