The Voice just published a bunch of letters to the editor about, who else, Nick Sylvester. They still have him on suspension, however maybe they'll listen to their own readers, who are pretty clear on what they want...

Sylvester should be sacked. I appreciate that he apologized, but he lacks credibility, and apologies don't equate to ethics. He got caught, so he said he's sorry. Even Oprah raked what's-his-name over the coals when she found out he was writing fiction instead of alleged fact. The Voice's credibility is riding on this.

Mark Forman
Via e-mail

As if Sylvester hasn't got himself into enough trouble right now, it appears he may have a law suit on his hands as well...

I just read the article about The Game where Nick Sylvester, who I know, made up a defamatory and false story about me and used my real name, profession, and hometown in the article. I was never in New York on the trip he claimed and never performed the actions he said I did. I am incredibly upset about this and am currently consulting with my lawyer about legal action. I would also like a retraction printed.

Steve Lookner
Los Angeles, California

A print retraction sounds fair, but "legal action"? That may be going a bit too far.

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