Liskula Cohen, a former Australian Vogue cover model who saw her modeling career end last year when a doorman disfigured her face with a broken bottle, is now taking Google to court to find out who is trashing her on the blog Skanks in NYC. The website, part of Google's Blogger subsidiary, is solely dedicated to maligning the Canadian model with photos and insults about her "horsey face" and the "desperation seeping from her soul, if she even has one" and how she's "a psychotic, lying, whoring, still going to clubs at her age, skank."

Of course, few people had ever heard of Skanks in NYC before this week, when the tabloids caught wind of the lawsuit, so Cohen's strategy may have backfired a little. But she tells the Daily News she just wants to find out who's behind it so she can know who her enemies are. She insists the blog, which awarded her "first place" for "Skankiest in NYC," is "petty, it's stupid and it's pathetic." Cohen also admits that "if I had to deal with everyone who is jealous, I wouldn't have time to do anything else." But apparently when an anonymous hater wonders, "How old is this skank? 40 something?," it's worth making time for legal action. Because Cohen is only 36, bitches.