While Veterans Day honored all those who served the US military, let us not forget those who have fought in the trenches of the international liquor wars. At the Intrepid Museum's holiday ceremony yesterday, a Times reporter noticed that a 440-foot yacht docked upriver was stealing the show. It's "the first private vessel to moor at the city-owned passenger terminal, where Cunard ocean liners frequently put in" and pays $2,000 a day to do so. Who owns the yacht? Yuri Shefler, the head of the SPI Group that makes Stolichnaya. Let's see you make it to San Tropez before happy hour, Svedka robot. Bot or Not, indeed.

Called the "Serene," Shefler's $300 million yacht is the ninth largest of its kind in the world and features a saltwater swimming pool, two helipads, and a port for a submarine—useful when escaping mobs with pitchforks and torches that will inevitably overrun the boat. No word on whether the yacht also has an arena for monkey knife fights.