The tabloids are really running with Representative VIto Fossella's DWI scandal. Today, the Daily News and Post get a hold of the Alexandria, VA police report and go to town.

The News reports the police officer who pulled Fossella over noticed his "stained red" lips; Fossella said he "had about two or three glasses of wine"--the Congressman had a blood alcohol level of 0.17, twice the legal limit. The cop also wrote, "The subject stated that he was driving down from Washington, D.C., to Grimm St. because his daughter was sick and needed to go to the hospital."

The tabloids waste no time pointing out that Fossella's "old friend," retired Air Force colonel Laura Fay, lives on Grimm Drive--and has a three-year-old daughter not from her previous marriage. The Post says the "shapely" Fay "has been frantically phoning friends and relatives, urging them not to talk to the media about the identity of her baby's daddy."

Reporters have been staked outside Fay's house, and a neighbor told the Advance she wasn't sure if she had seen Fay with Fossella. Fossella's consultant handling the DWI crisis said he's working on his duties as a Congressman and raising money for his re-election campaign this fall. However, GOP party officials have been discussing backups to replace Fossella--like City Councilman James Oddo and SI DA Daniel Donovan--in case things go south.