Ah, there's nothing like tabloid sleuthing. The NY Post assigned a reporter and photographer to follow Representative Vito Fossella's girlfriend in Alexandria, VA and they hit the jackpot: They spotted her meeting up with Fossella and taking off on a "pre-Memorial Day rendez-vous."

Two weeks after admitting he had a love child with Laura Fay and three weeks after apologizing for a DWI in Virginia, the married-to-someone else Fossella announced he would not run for re-election and specifically said he wanted to "concentrate on healing the wounds that I have caused to my wife and family." Apparently that means not being with his wife and three kids on Staten Island, as he was seen "packing his overnight bag into Fay's car in Virginia early yesterday afternoon."

Fay, a retired Air Force colonel, wasn't very happy with the Post following her--a Virginia police officer told the reporter, "I know what you're doing. She's scared, she's been calling us." And earlier this week, Fossella's wife told the Post she "had no idea" he had another family near the Capitol.