The noose is tightening around Representative Vito Fossella's political career: Many insiders think he should resign immediately, especially so the Republican can work on a replacement candidate for reelection this fall, and the Staten Island Advance editorial demands that he resign, "Far too much damage has been done to his personal reputation and credibility at this point for him to recover and be an effective public servant. And there is too much potential for pointless and endlessly embarrassing digressions into this scandal if he chooses to stay in public life." (CityRoom says the Advance is "influential" in the political landscape.)

Both tabloids reveal pictures of Laura Fay, Fossella's mistress, the mother of his child, and his post-DWI ride. The Daily News has a photo of Fay and Fossella together, while the Post has a photo of Fay and their child, Nathalie, who is now three years old. Now the neighbors are saying they have seen Fossella in Alexandria, VA neighborhood where Fay lives--one told the News, "Of course I've seen him here. A couple of times a week. Sometimes he would come a lot, and then he wouldn't be here for a while. Then he'd come back, usually in the evening." This is like a Lifetime movie about a guy with two families!

The Post reports Fossella decided to admit his affair and love child "following the Catholic confirmation of his and his wife's son on Wednesday, where he grew emotional." Oy. Fossella and his wife Mary Pat have three children and live in the Great Kills section of Staten Island.

If Fossella resigns and a Democrat can seize the seat, NYC will lose its only Republican congressional representatives, a loss that will also affect the GOP's health. As Baruch political science Professor Doug Muzzio says, "He's politically dead. The only thing that hasn't happened is the autopsy report hasn't been written."