Clubgoers at NYC hotspots are known for their fancy threads, but no one can front on one high roller's regular work attire: clerical robes. The Daily News has a profile of Reverend Gregory Malia, the Pennsylvania minister who makes regular trips to local clubs and is well-known by staffers for the generous cash he lays out whenever he visits. The divorced dad, who earns big bucks in pharmaceuticals, likes to hit Pink Elephant and Citrine and hears screams of "Father Greg!" from waitresses when he comes through the door--possibly because he's had nights where he has bought a $35,000 bottle and then laid out an extra ten grand on top of the usual 20% tip. And his charity doesn't end there. One source told the News. "He hangs out with waitresses, and sometimes comes back after a big night and takes (them) shopping...If they get someone like Father Greg, they know they're going to have a good night." Reverend Malia, whose business helps treat people who suffer from hemophilia (as he does), told the paper. "I work hard. I make good money...With my health condition, it's a blessing and a curse; [but] I do like to go out."