122608visine.jpgIn case you haven't been following along with the comment thread on our September post about the Long Island hairdresser who admitted to poisoning her roommate with Visine, here's an update! Last night (Christmas), a reader claiming to be the guilty hairdresser left a long, angry comment defending herself. Who knows whether it's really her or some semi-illiterate impostor making various claims; it's a fun read either way. Here's an excerpt: "i didnt 'poison' him cuz he was smoking, it was supposed to be a practical joke, cmon ppl, like uve never tried it. gimmi a break...not to mention the fact that Mr. Gentissi has an EXTENSIVE arrest record, and if do recall, and arrest was made a year or so back because the poor, fragile, vulnerable Joe Gentissi beat the life out of a swan. YES A SWAN...The truth is, u should never comment on something u know nothing about. Because being a blonde hairdresser makes me crazy right? and look i can formulate sentences and use big words the correct way! YAY FOR ME!" Read the whole, dizzying rant here; she "cant wait to hear more of ur fabulous zingers."