Continuing a tradition that will no doubt keep happening in 2017, New York City saw yet another alleged idiot on the Brooklyn Bridge this week. This time, a Virginia man was arrested for climbing onto the beams above the traffic lanes.

Police say that 23-year-old Yazeed Elarjani of Fairfax, Virginia was arrested on Monday after he climbed into the beams above the westbound roadway on the Bridge at about 1 p.m. Elarjani was up there to take selfies, according to the Post, and while the pictures are probably just great, climbing up on the bridge beams remains highly illegal. Elarjani was charged with criminal trespass and reckless endangerment according to a police spokesperson.

Elarjani is now, allegedly, the fourth illicit Brooklyn Bridge climber this year, joining two Connecticut tourists and one French tourist as perpetrators of the most exasperating crime in New York. Despite the fact that this keeps happening, no one from City Hall or the City Council has been willing to show the bravery required to institute my extremely real and serious proposal to ban tourists from the Brooklyn Bridge. Here's to someone stepping up in 2017.