Woodbridge, NJ takes its Christmas nativity scene very seriously. So seriously that after being accused of violating the First Amendment last year, the town has added a LOT more holiday to the traditional display, which usually stars just the Virgin Mary and Joseph in a manger, the Three Wie Men, an angel and farm animals.

This time around there's Santa and reindeer—and a snowman, too. There's a menorah at town hall and, for good measure, a Kwanzaa banner. Woodbridge mayor John McCormac totally admits it's an end-run around the Constitution, "The law says you can have multiple, different things and you can’t favor one over another, so we have a nativity, we have a menorah, we have a Kwanzaa, we have non-secular, we have Santa Claus, we have Frosty, we have everybody."

However, the group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, which faulted Woodbridge's nativity scene last year, tells the Star-Ledger that this year's display is still problematic. Attorney Patrick Elliott "said that the addition of the Kwanzaa display this year was little more than window dressing, but he'd have to see the context to form an opinion about whether the decor was kosher in the eyes of the Bill of Rights... 'It’s basically a scheme to keep the nativity,' Elliott said. 'And it’s not the right approach, and it’s not the right thing to do.'"

Woodbridge, NJ Patch has been keeping tabs on the display and shared this feedback from nativity supporters: "One person complained and we cave..........very sad, but more frightening that we keep allowing this to happen" and "It is Christmas, we should have the scene up; also, put whatever religious scenes up that need be up. These people make me sick."