2006_03_madlikevir.jpgIt was a horrible day for coke fiends as police broke up two unrelated cocaine rings. In one sting, bricks of cocaine were smuggled from Mexico using tombstones with the Virgin Mary on them. The DEA arrested 12 people in connection with the ring, including one in Houston and three in Brooklyn. A DEA agent told the media, "Like grave robbers who have no respect for the dead, this drug organization used revered tombstones to smuggle millions of dollars worth of cocaine into New York City." Five of the eight tombstones found in Brooklyn had 20-25 kilos of cocaine each. All told, 194 kilos of coke were seized in Brooklyn with a street value of $8-12 million.

The drug busts didn't stop with the "Virgin Mary ring," but extended all the way into Suffolk County, where a high school basketball coach was busted along with two others involved. There, police seized $5 million in cash and 210 kilos of cocaine. The drugs had a street value of $40 million. Does anyone else think this basketball coach was brilliant? Ignore the fact that he had contact with teenagers for a second and think about how he could travel with his team and distribute drugs to all the cities his school visited.

The Mexicans are not as bad as those dog-hating Columbians who stitched bags of liquid heroin into dogs.