After last weekend's staggering 11 murders, murders were down this past weekend to only three. Some are chalking it up to Police Commissioner Kelly's plan to increase the number of NYPD on the streets, which moved detectives and cops from practically every area, such as narcotics, gang and organized crime as the Daily News reported, into overnight shifts in problem areas in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan, as most dangerous crimes tend to occur between 10PM and 4AM. However, one neighbor wonder if other things helped bring murders down, telling the DN, "The rain probably had something to do with it. Whatever it was, I'm happy. Safer is always better." It'd also be interesting to see if there was an increase of arrests, versus other summer weekends, if that information is released, but, yes, Gothamist agree, safer is always better.

Here are the precincts in "problem locations," where police presence is heightened:

# 32nd Precinct - Harlem

# 75th Precinct - East New York
# 73rd Precinct - Bedford-Stuyvesant
# 79th Precinct - Bedford-Stuyvesant
# 81st Precinct - Brownsville
# 67th Precinct - East Flatbush
# 70th Precinct - Kensington
# 71st Precinct - Flatbush
# 83rd Precinct - Bushwick
# 90th Precinct - Williamsburg
# 77th Precinct - Crown Heights

# 44th Precinct - Morris Heights
# 47th Precinct - Eastchester
# 46th Precinct - University Heights