The Queens County Farm Museum, the only working farm in the city, is planning on starting a vineyard. The Post reports that the Farm would be "bottling Chardonnays, Cabernets and Merlots as early as 2007." It seems that the climate in Queens is better suited for wine production than Long Island. Joshua Wesson, CEO of Best Cellars, gives this optimistic yet guarded quote, "It will be interesting to see if Queens wine can capture the taste of the old world, or if it will taste like something from a world no one has ever been to." Bob Ransom of Vintage New York says, "Believe it or not you can grow grapes and make wine in far less hospitable places than Queens." The vineyard needs a name; Gothamist thinks some Queens neighborhoods might be great starting points for one: Shea; Jackson Heights; Forest Hills; Fresh Meadows; Sunnyside.


The Queens Country Farm Museum sells fresh milk and honey daily from its shops, plus sells vegetables during the summer (tomatoes, corn, and eggplant). And, starting in April, on the weekends, they'll start the hayrides again - field trip!