120208bus.jpgIf you rode the V line on Sunday, you may have lucked out with a seat on one of the old 1930s-era subway cars deployed as part of the MTA's holiday train revival. But there's nostalgia rolling above ground too! Buses from the '60s and '70s are now operating during morning and evening rush hours on the M8, M14, M20, M23, M34, M42, M57 and M79 lines, and the Q32 in Queens, through January 2nd. A spokesman for New York City Transit tells the Post that while the older buses have less window space and weaker engines, they actually get better gas mileage than some modern buses: three miles per gallon of diesel, as opposed to two miles per gallon today. (Hybrids get about four miles per gallon.) Of course, the fare isn't vintage; a city bus cost 20 cents per ride until 1969, but these old timers have been retrofitted to take you $2 via MetroCard.