2007_07_vinnyg.jpgLast week, reputed Bonanno crime family boss Vincent Basciano - aka "Vinny Gorgeous" - was upset about not having a proper dress shirt to wear during his racketeering trial, only for the judge to step in and lend him a shirt and tie. This week, Basciano is complaining to Brooklyn federal judge Nicholas Garaufis about how prison life is cramping his style.

According to Newsday, the court released Basciano's two-page letter that details his issues with federal jail.

"Your honor, I apologize for writing you, but I'm completely exasperated...

"I haven't received any of my [periodical] subscriptions in almost a year. I have to see my family members, those who are 18 and over, one at a time. Which makes my visits short and I'm only allowed one 15-minute phone call per month...

"I know the government wants me to suffer. I'll handle that, Judge. But by me having my suits, getting my lawyers' cell phone numbers approved, and having my haircuts every two weeks isn't going to make me feel like I'm in Disney World!"

Note: Basciano has been in solitary confinement (Gangland News explains he's "housed under special administrative measures (SAMs) usually reserved for terrorists") because of a list of names, including Judge Garaufis's, was found in his cell, leading prosecutors to suspect it was a hit list. Basciano says the list was actually just a Santeria good luck ritual.

Basciano is being retried for the murder of Frank Santoro in the Bronx.