The bakery and greenhouse of Eli's Vinegar Factory, an Upper East Side oasis/grocery, of delectable food, burned down last night due to a five-alarm fire. The fire started in an oven and spread to the rest of the bakery and rooftop greenhouse, and the fact that the fire was also in the crawl space made it difficult for firefighters to extinguish it - causing it to become a five-alarm blaze. Owner Eli Zabar said that, fortunately, no one was hurt. The store where the baked goods and produce from the bakery and greenhouse was unharmed, but The Vinegar Factory will be closed in the meantime.

The Times article has detail on The Vinegar Factory itself; Gothamist thinks that the information that The Vinegar Factory's pizza's dough was kneaded in the bakery and the pizza's tomatoes were grown in the greenhouse will make Slice sad. The Vinegar Factory is a great place for brunch, so we hope it's back up soon.