The bloodletting at New York's most famous alt-weekly continues today with news that the Village Voice is laying off gossip columnist Michael Musto and longtime dining critic Robert Sietsema. (Theater critic Michael Feingold is also out, according to Gawker.) Last week two top editors resigned in protest when the layoffs were announced, and today sources tell Gawker that the remaining staff is "devastated" and in "uproar" over the layoffs.

Upon resigning in protest last week, editor Will Bourne told the Times, "I was summoned to a meeting and asked to get rid of five people, and we are on a short string already. When I was brought in here, I was explicitly told that the bloodletting had come to an end. I have enormous respect for the staff here and the work they have been doing, and I am not going to preside over further layoffs.”

Voice Media Group, a spin-off of the Phoenix-based company that has been running the once-esteemed paper into the ground since acquiring it in 2005, had promised "minimal staff reductions” last week intended to "support the ongoing sustainability of The Village Voice.” The company was created as a way for Village Voice Media to stay in the prostitution ad company Backpage, which has drawn increasing condemnation for allegedly supporting sex trafficking.

The terminations are just the latest in a long, sad procession of talented journalists getting thrown overboard from the Voice. Previous stupid Voice layoffs have included Nat Hentoff, Tom Robbins, J. Hoberman, and Wayne Barrett, to name a few.