Felix spotted this poster on the Lower East Side, and was quite disturbed by it:

There's a lot here which makes me very uncomfortable, and I'm not talking about the misspellings. For one thing, it feels like a call to vigilantism. I've explained at length (in the comments here) why I think it's a very bad idea for sex-offender registries to be publicly available.

What's more, this guy has a common name: it's entirely possible some entirely unrelated person could get severely harrassed as a result of this poster. And in what way can a community get someone registered as a sex offender in any case? Can communities somehow vote on whether or not they think someone is a sex offender? I thought you, well, needed to be convicted of something first.

What do you guys think-- is it right for people to take crime-fighting into their own hands, or is it best that we leave this stuff to the professionals? Do the ends of keeping kids safe justify the means of possibly harassing innocent people?