Two tractor-trailer drivers collided on the NJ Turnpike last night in East Brunswick, setting off thunderous explosions and unleashing smoke that could be seen for miles. The crash happened on the northbound side of the highway at approximately 8 p.m., and several motorists documented the ensuing explosions with their cell phones.

Both drivers managed to escape their rigs with only minor injuries. Investigators believe the explosions were set off when one of the truck's contents—"medical gas"—caught fire. The other truck was reportedly carrying paper.

"I stopped, and then the fire started getting violent and I started recording it and the rest you can see," one driver told ABC 7. "There is literally some kind of compressed gas bottle, whether they were propane or oxygen, I'm not sure flying out of the trailer and traveling maybe 100 to 200 yards into the crowd south of the truck. And you know, everybody just ran for cover at that point, and as you can see from the video it just looked like a fireworks show."

All lanes were shut down on the northbound side as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze and clear the wreckage. CBS reports that traffic was backed up for ten miles, with thousands of drivers stuck in traffic for several hours. The stretch of highway wasn't fully reopened until dawn today.