Occupy Wall Street protesters have just completed their third full week of general assemblies and dance parties at Zuccotti Park. But just as many politicians are only now starting to dip their toes into the protest waters, so too are Taiwanese animators, documentarians and puppets. Below, you can check out multiple videos to see how OWS is being covered—starting with some clarity from our favorite Taiwanese animators, Next Media Animation (NMA):

As they always do, NMA nails every important angle of the story: the bongs of inspiration, Anonymous' signage intervention, Ron Paul fans, literal "fat cats," police brutality, and the phrase "the Tea Party of the left." NMA have now cemented Occupy Wall Street's place in history, right alongside other relics such as Brett Favre's banana penis, mad-as-hell Carl Paladino, TSA airport rage and McWeddings.

Above, you can watch a short documentary from filmmaker Andrew Jenks, about 'the reasons behind so many taking to the streets of NYC." He notes in a longer exploration of his experience at Zuccotti Park, "But this movement is still very much in its infancy. And like any idea in its early stages, it's incredibly fragile. This could be another 1968, or it could be dead by next week." Or to put it another way, this COULD be the Tet Offensive, the assassination of MLK, Janis Joplin, Feminism, the Democratic Convention rioting, and Axis: Bold as Love...or it's done by next week.

Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.

Gawker points out the "great" short film above by Alex Mallis, which focuses on the anti-confrontational "micro-community" that's arisen in Zuccotti Park since the protesting started. It includes lots of shots of rolled cigarettes, fresh fruit, drum circles and the people who run the live stream.

And lastly, what protest would be complete without puppets asking whether it's time to bring the troops home from Vietnam? Thankfully, The Daily has got it covered in the video above.