Looks like they're going to need a cell with Kryptonite bars. After arresting a Bronx man dressed as Superman in Times Square last week, the very same Man of Steel was back on the streets last night, and cops quickly collared him in Columbus Circle. And once again, it's not exactly clear what Maksim Katsnelson did to initiate the arrest (police say he was playing in traffic) but after watching him squirm and shriek like a stuck pig in the videos below, you can see why he was charged with resisting arrest. A freelance photographer who snapped a great shot of Superman leaving court today with his mother and father tells City Room that during his court appearance, Katsnelson "was generally presenting himself as a civil rights-minded humanist, and he does these things to protest authoritarianism."

The video above depicts Katsnelson being led away in handcuffs, imploring the crowd to, "Fight for your freedom! Fight for America!" But if not even Superman can fight the power, what the hell are we supposed to do? A tipster who witnessed the whole thing tells Daily Intel that before the arrest, "He stuck his tongue out, waved his ass at the cop, and generally taunted him." Is taunting police a crime? Discuss! The witness goes on to say that three plainclothes officers soon tackled Katsnelson, who "put up one hell of a fight," just like in Times Square. "I must be getting old," the witness concludes. "Half of me was thinking while watching it, 'Those fucking pigs! Leave Superman alone!' but the other half of me was thinking: 'Serves him right for pissing off a cop.'"

The bystander who took these videos with his cell phone camera had it set to record in 30 second increments, so the rather sad saga is broken up into several parts. Below, parts Two, Three, and Five depicts six officers working together to handcuff a howling Katsnelson. (You can skip part four without missing any significant plot developments; it's just more shrieking.) With Superman in the custody of his parents (for now) the question on all cops' minds tonight must be, Where's Batman?