StoryCorps collected over a thousand remembrances from September 11, 2001 victims' families and friends as part of its 9/11 Initiative. So, far, 583 victims have been represented and StoryCorps has produced three, incredibly moving and lovely animated shorts. In "Always a Family," Monique Ferrer remembers how her ex-husband and the father of two children Michael Trinidad called from the 103rd floor at the North Tower: "The only thing on his mind was to tell the kids that he loved them."

Story Corps founder Dave Isay tells us, "I think it's impossible for the human mind and heart to process a tragedy of this magnitude—the only way we can try to understand it is to break it down into individual stories. I hope these animations help people, just for a moment, walk in the footsteps of the families who lost loved ones ten years ago—so we can begin to comprehend all that was lost on that day. Someone wrote into us yesterday saying something like 'some wounds don't heal, some heartbreaks never mend—honoring the memories of the lost is the best the rest of can do.' I think that pretty well sums it up."

The animation was by The Rauch Brothers and the shorts were art directed by Bill Wray. The other videos are "John and Joe" (John Vigiano Sr, a retired New York City firefighter, remembers his sons John Jr., a firefighter, and Joe, a police detective) and "She Was The One" (Richie Pecorella on his love for for fiancee Karen Juday, who worked as an administrative assistant at the World Trade Center). Have your tissues ready!

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