Yesterday, Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty reminded everyone to be patient with the plows, and now we know why. If they're not ramming into parked cars they're just plain stuck! Yes, it seems Blizzageddon was just too much for the fleet to handle, and the poor guys are all tuckered out. Below are some of the best examples of snow truck incompetence across the city. At this rate we might just have to wait for spring.

A video of an NYC Sanitation truck stuck in Maspeth, Queens. The narrator says, "This thing has been stuck here since, like, seven 'o clock this morning."

A plow gets stuck for half an hour outside one woman's house.

"3 NYC Sanitation snow plows got stuck on a brooklyn took over 8 hours for the trapped plows to be freed but not after many failed attempts from various sources."

This Sanitation truck skids in the snow.

A snow plow stuck in Washington Heights.

Clearly, the city should have just called Mr. Plow

[Via AnimalNY]