Forget the black-and-white cookie as the most New York symbol of bi-color harmony because that sometimes-stinky creature, the skunk, is becoming very noticeable uptown. One Upper Manhattan resident told Fox 5, "They just come out. There will be just like three or four of them hanging out in the park. They're everywhere."

Skunks have been regular figures for the past few years, after migrating to Manhattan from the Riverdale (!). Some people see them "spilling into the streets."

Animal Control officials say they will only take action if the skunk is acting strangely (you know, rabid) and vets say skunks are fine unless you provoke them.

Mark Bailey, who lives in Washington Heights, told 1010 WINS, "I tell my friends down in midtown or Hells Kitchen that there’s a skunk problem up here and they don’t believe it. They’re in front of every building…they’re not just in the parks, they’re all over."

And Aaron Frischberg said, "As far as I am concerned, one is too many. When the windows are open there is a distinct odor of polecat ‘juice.’" Ahh—can't wait for a Washington Heights fragrance!