Videos posted online on Sunday night show a knock-down, drag-out, barricade-brandishing fight on MacDougal Street. The man who uploaded the clips described himself as a neighbor and asked to remain anonymous for fear of making enemies on his block. He said that fights happen twice a week outside the bar Grisly Pear and neighboring watering hole Off the Wagon, and that he is considering moving out.

This particular free-for-all kicked off after someone vomited, and it continued for about three minutes, according to the uploader. Lowlights include a man running down half the block to deliver a kick to someone lying on the ground, a guy in a white button-down shirt jumping up and down with glee, and the same guy throwing what appears to be cash in the general direction of the melee.

Police said they do not have a record of an incident on MacDougal Street on Sunday night, but Off the Wagon has made appearances in various police blotters in recent years.

In 2013, it was where a Massachusetts tourist was drinking with his college buddies the night that he ended up beaten nearly to death with a tire iron, a bat, and a blackjack on MacDougal Street. One Yelper gave The Grisly Pear this review in 2014:

Looks cute on the outside. Experience not so cute on the inside. First time I went our waitress got into a fist fight with a girl off the street right in the middle of the restaurant.

A man who answered the phone at the Grisly Pear declined to give his name and said he didn't know anything about the fight.

"I'm the day guy," he said. "If you had questions about things happening in the neighborhood, I couldn't tell you."

A man who picked up at Off the Wagon and identified himself as a manager declined to give his name, and said he had no information on a Sunday brawl.

"I haven't heard anything about that," he said.

When asked what the bar is doing to prevent fights, he hung up.