On Wednesday night, while students were rioting at Penn State, Rick Perry made a massive oops during the 10th Republican debate. A massive oops that we couldn't stop watching all day (and Perry couldn't stop apologizing for). And it seems we were far from the only ones. Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart looked like a little boy getting his Chanukah presents a month early. As he put it: "A comedian can spend his whole life digging through the comedy mines for sound bites to sustain his family, and then Rick Perry gives him 53 seconds that can change his life."

Basically, as far as the fake newscasters at Comedy Central are concerned this was the nail in the coffin for Perry's campaign—and the gaffe that hands the nomination to Mitt Romney. Here, let Stewart explain thanks to a wicked Baldwin brother metaphor:

Perry's oops made the Daily Show crew so happy, in fact, it gave them joy boners. Even the ladies on the staff:

Stewart and co. are by no means alone in thinking this was the end of the Perry campaign. Steve Schmidt, who managed the 2008 presidential campaign of Arizona Sen. John McCain, told the Washington Post that "His campaign is effectively over, This was not a singular episode. It is the grand finale in a ruinous series of public appearances which includes the bizarre New Hampshire speech."

So now, naturally, Perry is trying to show he can laugh at himself as much as the next candidate, sending out fundraising e-mails that joke about the gaffe and showing up on TV to make light of the situation ("If we're electing a debater-in-chief, don't elect me,"he said). To that end, he showed up at the Late Show with David Letterman yesterday for show's nightly Top Ten list, in this case "Top Ten Rick Perry Excuses." They didn't knock our socks off—though "uh, el nino?" was pretty good—but you can watch the whole thing for yourself right here:

If "oops" wasn't enough to take Rick Perry out of the running, perhaps the fact that Justin Bieber is his father will do the trick?