We don't know a huge amount about comedian and car enthusiast Conner O'Malley, but we can say with 100% assurance that he is our new favorite Viner. O'Malley has taken full advantage of the surreal nature of Vine, posting several videos a week in which he yells at bizarre TV commercials or fetishizes Harry of Harry and the Hendersons. But our favorite bit of his is his love of walking up to rich people in expensive cars and mercilessly trolling them. We've compiled some of our favorite videos of his below for your Friday afternoon enjoyment.

Sometimes he wants cars to stop fighting:

Sometimes he wants to talk about Men In Black and angels:

Sometimes he just says hi to the players and pimps:

Sometimes he prays to die for the pimps:

Sometimes people do not want to talk to him:

But sometimes people do appreciate him:

Mostly, he wants everyone to be crushed by these kings:

Sometimes he chants "steroids:"

Sometimes he offers people his Doritos:

Sometimes he salutes po-po pimps on horseback:

Sometimes he yells at encaged cars:

Sometimes he just wants rich folks to be protected by God by the "armor clothes of gold":

[h/t AutoWeek]