Last night The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returned from one of their frequent vacations (hey, you try being funny four days a week!) and dove right into the Occupy Wall Street coverage. Neither segment was as hilaaaairious as one might expect, but each had their moments—particularly when Jon Stewart summoned a protester over to the dreaded "Camera 3" to chastise him for defecating on an NYPD car:

Colbert's best joke came as he recapped the Occupy Wall Street protests around the world and noted that in Italy, "the 1% refers to the portion of the country that Silvio Berlusconi has not had sex with yet." Hey-O! Scanning the audience, it then dawned on Colbert that the occupation had spread to his studio, where he faced a mob with "nothing to do do with their lives, willing to stand for hours on end, endure harsh treatment and overcrowding all for the chance to yell at some poor guy in suit." Colbert warned them not to rush the desk, because he is now armed with "pepper spray."

It seems both shows are still getting up to speed after their week off, but City Room reports that Gothamist favorite John Oliver was down at Zuccotti Park interviewing protesters, so stay tuned for that!