We've noticed a recent uptick of YouTube street fight videos landing in the Gothamist tips inbox (tips@gothamist.com, y'all!), and after spotting yet another street fight video on NYC the Blog, we had to wonder: Are there more street fight videos surfacing this month than usual? Is the record-breaking heat making the natives more brawl-prone? Based on an a highly unscientific analysis of fights uploaded to YouTube since April, we must conclude in the affirmative.

After searching YouTube with the keywords "NYC Fight" and "NYC Street Fight," we found one confirmed fight in April (two out of the three that month are parts of the same fight, which seems staged), zero confirmed fights in May, and two fights in June. Which brings us to July, which has so far seen a total of eight fights posted to YouTube. If this trend continues, history will look back on the summer 2010 as the summer of the street fight video, Q.E.D. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the miserable disgusting heat may be a factor in this, but that's just speculation.

Thankfully, not all of these videos are depressing signifiers of civilization's asymptotic slide into voyeuristic barbarity! Here's a cute one of a doorman practicing Kung Fu on a subway platform:

Below, some more unsettling videos in the street fight genre.

Viddy this lengthy fistfight in tourist town, via NYC the Blog:

This one's called "A Guy Hits a Girl, Knocks Her Out Cold," or "People Suck":

Here's that ugly brawl at a Blockheads we posted over the weekend:

Can we interest you in a fight on St. Mark's Place today?:

And no street fight completist will want to miss the fight that recently spilled out of Max Fish on the Lower East Side. The video's been pulled from YouTube, but Guest of a Guest has a blow-by-blow.